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Three tips for companies that expand their operations to Latin America

In today’s global economy, more and more multinational companies have taken advantage in Latin America over the low costs of operations and real estate…

IVA digital book – Implementation schedule

The option for the generation and simplified presentation of the “Digital VAT Book” is available from November 1, 2019…

Social Solidarity and Productive Reactivation Law

Below we mention the main aspects of the Law of Social Solidarity and Productive Reactivation.

Transfer pricing – Exceptional extension to March 2020

The dates of submission of the sworn declarations of transfer prices and international operations for the fiscal periods closed between 12/31/2018 and on 6/30/2019, both inclusive…

New Retention Obligations for Virtual Wallets Res. AFIP No. 4622/2019

Through General Resolution 4622/2019 of the General Administration of Public Revenue (“AFIP”)…

RG 4614 – New Information System for Companies

New Information Regime for Companies that provide electronic payment processing and virtual account management services.

120 Fee Payment Facilities Plan – New Extension

The AFIP extends until 11/30/2019 the possibility of adhering to the regime of temporary payment facilities in up to 120 installments…

General Resolution 4597 – Digital IVA Book

Monotax Temporary suspension of full exclusions due to systemic controls.

IVA may be used to cancel Social Charges

The AFIP through the RG 4603 enables, in an exceptional way and on a temporary basis…