Payroll services

Take care of one of your most important assets: people.

Leave payroll issues on the hands of experts. Prevent mistakes or problems with your staff.


To be efficient, payroll services must be punctual, precise, and flexible, ensuring confidentiality. Fidem Partners focuses on all these aspects and delivers advisory services in some HR-related issues through its team of specialists, using advanced processes and technology.

Our payroll services include:

  • Calculation and preparation of salaries and wages (on a fortnightly, monthly or special basis, as applicable)
  • Special payroll
  • Payment and/or deposit of resulting amounts
  • Deposit of contributions
  • Preparation/Filing of returns
  • Entries in the books required by applicable laws and regulations
  • Preparation of information for accounting records
  • Handling of inspections
  • Consultation on social security aspects
  • Registration with the appropriate social security/tax authorities
  • Calculation of compensation in the event of employment termination 
  • Staff administration total or partial tasks. 

Our services are delivered according to the following principles

  • Confidential information handling
  • Customized assistance
  • Security in payment processes
  • Training of our team.
  • Capacitación de nuestro equipo