Dario H. Diaz

Founding Partner +5411 5277-8800 ddiaz@fidem.com.ar


Dario H. Diaz holds a degree in Business Administration from the School of Economics of Universidad del Salvador. 


He has more than 20 year’s experience in auditing and consulting services and specializes in M&A processes, financial analysis, investment project analysis, and consulting services in general.

Before founding Fidem Partners, Dario was a partner in one of the leading professional services firms in Argentina, where he had an active participation in all sorts of transactions, providing advice and assistance in several projects related to local and foreign countries from a wide range of industries and sectors. 

During his professional career, he has worked alongside his clients to develop the Mutual Funds industry, constituting himself as one of the benchmarks of the sector.


He has worked as a trainer and lecturer at several events, seminars and conferences on his area of expertise.